The Web Based Interview

Congratulations, you were invited to take the Web Based Interview! You’re one step closer to completing the application and interview process for your dream job working in Walt Disney World or Disneyland! In this post I’ll be outlining the Web Based Interview, both of my WBI experiences, and some helpful tips to making sure you pass and get the coveted invitation to have a Phone Interview with a Disney representative.

It never ceases to amaze me that people fail the WBI. Besides just filling out the initial application, I think it’s the easiest of the two interviews. It’s super straightforward, takes about 20-25 minutes, and it’s broken down into sections so you can give your brain a little bit of a break in between. Every section is timed; you’ll have 50 seconds to answer each question in Section I, and Sections II-IV are 20 seconds per question. The first section will ask some situational type questions and you’ll have a few different multiple choice answers to choose from. The rest have different ranges that could be strongly agree – strongly disagree, describes me very well – does not describe me at all, and I’m worried I won’t like – I’m looking forward to this the most (not the exact wording, but you get the point). The sections ask a lot of personality questions, questions about your work ethic, and, in the last and shortest section, personal questions about living away from home, managing your finances, being away from family and friends, and working long hours. That last section is where the worried about/looking forward to answers come in to play. A lot of the questions are asking the same thing, but worded differently. This is so they can see that you’re consistent in answering your questions. If you read thoroughly and answer honestly you shouldn’t have any problem giving consistent answers. Here are some of the best tips to make your WBI process as smooth as possible:

  • Be Consistent: If you answer “strongly agree” for the question about always keeping your space tidy, but then say “this does not describe me at all” when they ask about wanting to tidy up a workspace if it’s disorganized, this could throw up a red flag since the answers are inconsistent.
  • Read the questions out loud: If you feel like being timed could throw you off or you’re not the strongest reader, read each question slowly out loud so you know exactly what it’s asking. 
  • Try to answer only “strongly agree” or “strongly disagree”: Disney wants to see that you have a firm stance and know exactly who you are. Don’t think so much about having the answer they’re looking for; answer for you. Like I said multiple times in my last post, be honest to have the best experience.
  • Relate the questions to work situations, not personal situations. We all carry ourselves differently in professional situations than we do in personal situations. Your interviewing for a job, not a social life, so think and answer accordingly.
  • Take. Your. Time!: When you know you’re being timed it’s easier to want to rush to get through the questions to make sure you don’t run out of time. I’ve taken the WBI twice now and trust me, I’ve never once felt like I was going to time out of a question. My best advice is to not even think about the fact that it’s timed. The questions are straightforward enough that they don’t require a lot of thought. You know yourself better than anyone else, so it shouldn’t take more than 20 seconds to answer if you’re neat or messy. If you do feel yourself running out of time, read the question out loud and pace yourself.

Quite simply, it’s very easy to tell the kind of cast member Disney is looking for based off of the questions they ask in the WBI. If you’re neat, hardworking, happy, and helpful, you should have no problems acing your WBI and getting that awesome email inviting you to schedule a phone interview with a recruiter. Take a deep breath, good luck, and know that some random person in Ohio is cheering you on!

Be on the lookout for my next post outlining my phone interview experience, the types of questions they ask, and the best ways to prepare!

Until next time, have a magical day and I’ll see ya real soon! ºoº

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